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Reality Leadership Series

In today’s business climate it is critical that your company be able to do more with fewer people. You need to have confidence that every employee is fully engaged and productive when on the job and you look to your managers to ensure this happens!

The Reality Leadership Series has been designed to meet the needs and challenges of today’s workplace. The Leadership Series consists of two levels: one for the front line supervisor (Reality Supervisor Training Series) and the second for management (Reality Management Training Series).

Reality Supervisor Training Series

The program is designed for individuals that have been placed in management roles without formal training. This program will help individuals transition into Management.

The class will be working with the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model. Participants will identify their behavioral profile, capitalize on their strengths, increase their appreciation of different profiles, and anticipate and minimize potential conflicts. Participants will also create a “Leadership Tool Box” that will build their tools for success. They will have the skills to be an effective leader.

Session 1: Discovering your Disc® Style
2 (3) hour sessions

Session 2: Open Communication to Achieve Performance
1 (3) hour session

Session 3: Getting Behavior on Track
1 (3) hour session

Session 4: Leaders and the Law
1 (3) hour session


Reality Management Training Series

he five-part learning process is designed to further strengthen the leadership skills of your managers – those newly appointed to the role as well as those seasoned managers you want to further develop.

By working with other participants in each session, your leaders will be challenged to take what they are learning and develop strategies for applying what they have learned to their current workplace situations. By engaging in the series over several weeks they will have every opportunity to further develop their leadership, management, facilitation and coaching skills.

Session 1: DiSC® Management
1 (2) hour session & 1 (3) hour session

Session 2: Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone – Presentation Skills
1 (2) hour session

Session 3: Mastering the Art of Conflict
1 (3) hour session

Session 4: Giving & Receiving Feedback
1 (2) hour session

Session 5: Getting Performance-on-Track
2 (2) hour sessions



Nancy Manglos, Director of Talent & Leadership Development