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Leap of Kindness

The year 2020 is a Leap Year and we all get one extra day – February 29th. Let’s use this extra day, to do something kind for someone else. In 2016, the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce created “Leap of Kindness Day”.

We’re inviting businesses, non-profit organizations, public agencies and individuals to “sign up” to take part in Leap of Kindness Day. You can sign up to request a donation or act of kindness that would be of benefit to your organization or the people you serve. You can sign up to indicate that when the time comes that your business or organization will volunteer to help others. You can sign up as an individual to stay informed as to what local organizations need that you might provide as we get closer to celebrating Leap of Kindness Day on February 29, 2020.

How will you spread kindness?

Donate Food, Clothing, Money, etc. to Area Non-profits

#LeapOfKindnessDay offers you a chance to motivate your organization, business, or community to donate to local impact sector organizations. Late-winter donations of clothing, food and money often decline after the Holiday Season. Here’s a chance to reverse this trend!

Inspire People of All Ages to Get Involved!

What will the people who live in your community do with their extra day during Leap Year? We say invite them to participate in Leap of Kindness Day, on February 29th. They may bake cookies for their teachers or buy lunch for someone in the armed services and thank you for the inspiration!

Nonprofits Can Thank Their Local Supporters

While many private sector organizations will mobilize to collect donations for local nonprofits and charitable agenices, the nonprofit organizations themselves might consider thanking their donors and supporters on Leap of Kindness Day.

Leap of Kindness Day is a great day for nonprofit executives and development directors to drop off a thank you note or a special certificate to your donors and volunteers.

Build Team Work & Workplace Morale

Employers can use #LeapOfKindnessDay to build employee morale with a focus on kindness and community. Organize a food drive, a clothing drive, or team up to volunteer and help a local charitable organization.  Reaching out early and selecting an organization to help might result in new ideas. For example, an organization in New York, organized a “sock drive” because that was the number one request of residents in a local nursing home.

Start on February 1, and make it a contest to see which department can collect the most food, the most clothes, or the most money by February 29th. You can then schedule to bring your donations to the non-profit organization of your choice on February 29th.

Share Your Plans

Let us know how you plan to spread kindness by using #LeapOfKindnessDay and ‪#‎GHAChamber.

Here are some requests from Non-Profits in our area:

  • Tri-Cities Family YMCA appreciates donations to their Annual Campaign because it allows them to help out local residents.
  • Positive Options will be thanking their donors and accepting donations such as bottled water, copy paper, smart TV’s and desktop computers, or you can give to cover the cost of services and education.
  • Food donations are a high priority for Love In Action, but they are suppliers both locally and in Muskegon and Holland when it comes to clothing local residents, so clothing items are always accepted, as well. Donations can be dropped off at 1106 Fulton St.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore are in need of giveaways for the upcoming Bowl for Kids’ Sake events in Muskegon and Ottawa Counties. They are in need of raffle prizes, or you can donate to a bowler.
  • Kids’ Food Basket is requesting a donation or act of kindness that would benefit their organization. Volunteer your time or donate- every dollar and cent makes a difference.
  • Gracious Grounds is requesting any donations from bedding, bathroom and kitchen items, to cleaning, laundry and toiletries. These items will go to the 35 new residents that are moving in to Gracious Grounds at Lakeshore Flats in May. For the majority, this will be their first time living on their own, so anything a typical apartment would need is greatly appreciated.

Here are some ways businesses are participating:

  • Do More Good is looking to send out a professional photographer to take photos of any business partnering with a non-profit, as well as any non-profit “doing good” in their community. The photos will be compiled into a video and will be shared with all involved, in addition to being presented at upcoming events.
  • Lake Michigan Cottages is participating by donating blankets, sheets, towels, and clothing to Love Inc.
  • NPR of America, Inc. is participating in Leap of Kindness Day with a Wish List Drive for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, as some associates have had children stay for care within the last 12-24 months.
  • Inspired Mama and On The Path Yoga are participating in Inspired Mama Con 2020, a conference for young mothers. Together they are partnering to collect diapers and other baby items for Resilience, in the weeks leading up to February 29th.
  • Just Goods Gifts and Café will be giving one free hot beverage per person on Leap of Kindness Day.
  • If you are not a creative thinker and need a suggestion or two to get you started, stop in to MACkite and pull one out of the bowl. They have a lot to choose from!
  • Down to Earth will be giving 20% of their proceeds to Mosaic, a non-profit organization that offers accessible, professional counseling to those in Ottawa County, on Leap of Kindness Day.
  • Weiss Chiropractic Wellness Center has chosen 6 non-profits to celebrate this month. Their New Patient Donations from January 1-February 29 will be donated to the winning non-profit. Their goal is to raise $2,000 for one of the following organizations: Love in Action, The Momentum Center, Muskegon Pregnancy Services, Positive Options, Harbor Hospice, or Noah Project. The one with the most votes, referrals, and community outreach will win. You can vote on Facebook, vote in their office, refer a new patient, or schedule a GIVE BACK lunch or community event to participate.