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Leap of Kindness

The year 2020 is a Leap Year and we all get one extra day – February 29th. Let’s use this extra day, to do something kind for someone else. In 2016, the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce created “Leap of Kindness Day”.

Join us in celebrating Leap of Kindness Day, simply by doing something kind for someone else and if someone else does something kind for you then pay it forward.

Let us know how you plan to spread kindness by using #leapofkindnessday and ‪#‎GHAChamber on Facebook or Instagram.

Here are just a few ways to spread kindness in our community:

  • organize a food or clothing drive; contribute money to local nonprofits
  • deliver a meal to first responders, coast guard personnel or hospital workers
  • say thank-you with coffee, apples or a note to teachers
  • bring flowers to nursing home residents
  • support a local restaurant by dining out and tip your server extra
  • donate food and supplies to the humane society