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COVID-19 Resources for Business

At The Chamber we recognize that businesses need to be prepared for the impacts of COVID-19. Our staff is working to provide information and resources as they become available.

Quick Links

Public Health Info


Critical Community Needs

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Items are needed at North Ottawa Community Health System and Health Pointe and Grand Haven Dept of Public Safety.

Ottawa Area ISD Meal Distribution Sites for School Families

OAISD has been working with local schools to ensure that all students throughout the OAISD service region are included in meal distribution plans during the school closure period Click here to learn more

Additional Business Tips

Create an employee communications plan. Share accurate information with employees as situations develop. Basic information, like what the virus is, how it spreads, and how to take care of one’s self, can go a long way to prevent rumors and misinformation. Think ahead about how you will communicate in case one of your employees becomes sick.

Review human resource policies. Consider flexible work options. This can mean telecommuting, different worksites or flexible schedules. Remind employees if they’re sick, they should stay home.

Plan ahead for how you will handle absenteeism. Michigan schools have been cancelled, which will force many employees to stay home to care for children.

Coordinate with state and local public health officials as needed.

Make a business continuity plan. Be prepared to execute a new strategy, if necessary. Think of alternative suppliers, critical customers or how to continue operations.

Review travel policies and plans. The latest guidance from the CDC can be found on the CDC website.

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